Both Seen and Heard Now

Back when I started this blog in December of 2008, I had no one to talk to, no one who wanted to listen to me, and the sneaking suspicion that I had no friends.

Then, eventually, I had one friend, the lovely Ms. Lockhart, who's now living her dream studying to be an even bigger bookworm on the East Coast.  Alas, one friend isn't really enough when you've spent the good part of a decade locking all of your feelings and opinions up inside of your little 5'5" body, so hanging out sometimes turned into my brain dump.

I've spent the past four years slowly gaining friends, some semblance of local family, and very recently, filmmaking colleagues.  Thinking recently about why I haven't written on this blog for so long, I realized that it's because I finally have several people that I can say these things to out loud.  I have people to talk about film with.  I have people to talk about writing with.  I have people to talk about feelings with, even though, sometimes,  "feelings is stupid" -- J. Baldwin.  I have a therapist.  I have people to talk about racism, sexism, and the variety of other isms with.  I ... am missing a dude friend, though.  I haven't had a good dude friend in years...

Anywho, I'm finally closing this blog down.  I'll wax political on my Tumblog.  I'll post about film and writing on denisejena.com.  I will tweet way too much.  Yes, I actually am an avid tweeter now.  And and and, I discovered that Facebook is considerably less sucky when you have friends that interact with you on it!  Imagine that...

If I ever have the need for another diary, which is what I've always considered this blog, I'll probably put it anonymously on Tumblr somewhere.  Maybe you'll stumble upon it one day.


robdelaney: This sums up how I feel about a certain percentage...


This sums up how I feel about a certain percentage of U.S. voters. If you agree, please share. Maybe it’ll motivate some people?

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The dog whisperer. (Taken with Instagram)

The dog whisperer. (Taken with Instagram)

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