Cockroaches: The Bane of My Existance

Ughhh. From what I’ve heard, New Orleans has always been a bit of a “roachy” city, but it has certainly ramped up its roach factor after Hurricane Katrina. I knew that the apartment I was moving into had a problem, but it was the cheapest rent I could find and the landlord is like a father to me, so it seemed like the best decision when I moved in at the beginning of November. And it was, but I always doubt it when I see one of these in my house:

I get freaked out, spray it to death with Raid Max: Roach Genocide, then pace the floors for a half an hour trying to figure out whether I should grab it really fast with a paper towel and dump it in the toilet that’s only a foot away (and feel it twitching in my hand, because they always twitch), or sweep it into a dustpan and risk turning it over and it running up my arm. Yes, I know I’m insane. So, I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight, and tomorrow when I get off of work I’m making a bait, spreading boric acid around, and when I have money I’m buying the gel that you put around cracks. And the Terminex guy comes at the end of the month. I. WILL. DESTROY. THEM.


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