American Idol Live (kind of) Blogging

Lets try this.

Adam Lambert

Wow…I like (?) the look? I love his falsetto…oooh, that note didn’t sound right. “I’m going to give you every inch of my love”. Tee-hee. I look forward to the melodrama of all of his performances, I hope he wins, even though he probably not the best technically. Awesome last note. Judges love it, not surprising. Howard Stern is in the audience. Hmm. Why did they give him the first spot for a theme night that he was destined to excel in? Simon’s right, no one can top that.

Allison Ireheta

Adam has his own hair girl? Divaaaa! Joplin definitely fits Allison. Did I mention that Slash has pretty hair? I like her outfit, its song appropriate but she doesn’t look too sexy for her age. I don’t think she sounds that great during the verses, but that’s mainly because she doesn’t have what one would call a “pretty” voice. Powerful, but not very pretty, which is why I don’t think she will win.


WTF? Duets? Are we supposed to vote based on these, or is this just for our pleasure? Are they competing? I can already tell you that Danny’s “church” voice will trump Kris’s “pretty” voice on this one. Randy’s right, the harmonies sounded great.

Kris Allen

To be honest, his presence annoys me because I can think of at least three people who should have gotten his spot in the top twelve, who actually would have stood a chance at winning. Annnnddd, he’s singing a song that I love. It’s not rough enough. This song, for some reason, makes me want to do a stripper dance, and Kris’s voice is just ruining the sexy for me. Thank you, Kara, for summing it up for me. This is a Beatles song?!?! The version I have is by Joe Cocker…it seems as though may have combined the feel of the two versions, but I’ll have to listen to the original to be sure. I call Kris going home.

Danny Gokey

Holy crap, that is some scream! I’m not sure if it was good, or bad though. I love this song, I think it sounds good on Danny’s huskey voice. The glasses don’t work for it, is he too blind to go without for a performance. The “dream on” scream definitely sounded off key, and the rest of the scream was alright, but the verse was definitely better. It would have been better if he had done two verses, instead of trying to do the parts with all of the high notes. Aww, he looks like he may cry. I don’t hate him the way everyone else does, and I do think he will be safe. Wow, I just noticed the big ass chains he’s wearing. Makes me like him a little less, for some reason.

Duets: Adam and Allison

Well, the song definitely fits both of them. I’m not really a fan of it, though, so…yeah. I’m kind of waiting for it to end. They’re kind of adorable together, though. And they were the better duet. Aww, little sister! Ok, I’m done. Kris should, and probably will, go home.


P.S. I love Fringe, everyone should watch it.

ETA: What! Allison gets sent home? What is wrong with you, America? If this ends up being a Kris/Danny finale I may have to quit American Idol.

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