Bayou Boogaloo Finds

The last day of Bayou Boogaloo was today, so I hung out on the bayou for a couple of hours. The music was good, and the food was even better. Worth mentioning was the veggie plate that I got from Bozwell's Jamaican Grill, which included the first plantains that I've had that can compete with the ones at Bennechins. There were so many dogs there that I kind of wish that I'd brought my Biko with me, but it's hard to handle a big dog by yourself when you want to walk around and look at art and jewelry and stand in line for food. But he looks like such an angel, doesn't he?

Anyway, the day was beautiful, as you can see if you check out my Flickr pics in the sidebar. And best of all, I bought a pair of handmade earrings for $5 from Art of Sole, a local jewelry maker.

$5 for cute, handmade earrings? I may end up with their entire collection.

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