Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson

I think I was a teen when I started to seek out his music, back when he did that reunion show on TV with his brothers, realizing that I had missed a lot of good music all of those years when I was a kid and wasn't paying attention to anything but what was on the radio. I had no idea that so many of the songs that I loved were his at the time, and was excited when he subsequently released a new album, Invincible, and his music video premiers were such events. Here are some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.

First up, from The Wiz, one of my all time favorite movies, "You Can't Win", sung by Michael as the Scarcrow.

Next, "Smooth Criminal", which I admit I hadn't heard until the Alien Ant Farm version came out.

I'm not sure where I first heard "Dirty Diana", but I fell in love with it, and think that of all of the songs about groupies, this one is the best.

"Butterflies" from Invincible. Why is it that all songs about butterflies are ridiculously beautiful?

"P.Y.T." was my ringtone for a few months. I guess why is pretty self-explanatory.

"Human Nature" has been sampled so many times. I heard the original while riding with Smokey and had to download it.

Him and little sis Janet in "Scream". Despite her controversies, Janet has always been the most normal one in the family.

"She's Out of My Life". Just beautiful.

This is one of those songs that I'm glad is so long, because I never want it to end.

One of the few message songs that I've heard that isn't clumsy.

And finally, "Lady in My Life". What the hell happened to love songs? R&B is now Hip Hop, and lord knows rappers don't know how to talk to women.

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