Happy 4th of July!

I had a pretty eventful day, which unfortunately didn't involve BBQ. I got a pair of shoes and a purse for less than $17 at Payless. A friend and I went to check out the vendors for Essencefest at the Convention Center. I hate browsing like that when I don't have money. Not all vendors have websites, so I end up seeing so many things that I want that I will never have. We also got a free iced coffee from McDonalds (which was good) and watched these guys perform:

I miss watching step shows. One of the things that I loved about college was watching how create fraternities and sororities would get with their performances.

Then I was invited to another friend's water party. His co-op had created a makeshift pool in the backyard, with a slide, sprinkler, and booze! I think that was the closest to drunk that I've been, but I did not embarrass myself (yay). I also got soaked, white dress and all, but what can you expect at a water party. After that I went home to eat and feed the dog, then walked down to the riverfront to see the fireworks. They lasted twice as long as last years, and were generally awesome. The pics are on my Flickr page (accessible through the sidebar), but I also took video!

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