News Briefs: Cops Lie, Contractor Thief Pleads Guilty, Our Corrupt Mayor, Potential Mayoral Candidates

From WDSU, the FBI is now investigating the murder and cover-up of a man who was murdered in Algiers in the aftermath of Katrina, when white vigilantes roamed the neighborhood shooting and shooting at Black men who they thought didn't belong.

Remember the RTA vs. NOPD throwdown that happened last year? Well, the NOPD's own internal affairs probe found that the cops involved planted weapons, coerced witnesses, and lied their way out of the punishment that they deserved, according to the Times-Picayune. Am I surprised?

The Georgia contractor who stole a total of a half million dollars from 17 families has plead guilty. He's, unfortunately, only one of hundreds of contractors who have done this, and most have gotten away with it. When I was organizing I heard countless stories of people, particularly the elderly, who were tricked out of their Road Home money, loans, or savings. The city should have long ago set up an office (and advertised it, LOUDLY) to specifically handle these claims and help people get their money back, or at least punishment doled out.

A post from Your Right Hand Thief, may provide evidence that our mayor isn't just a jackass, but a crooked jackass.

And finally, the Gambit blog does a roundup of suspected candidates for the upcoming mayoral race. I would add Tracie Washington to this list, because I've heard rumblings and believe that the email fiasco was all about getting her name out there to black voters who can't stand Stacy Head. I like James Perry, but right now I don't think that he'll win. Not only is he the least known, the people who do know him know that he fought against the demolition of the projects, which won't sit well with white voters. Of course, that's the reason why I like him. Karen Carter Peterson I recall liking for some reason, but I can't remember why...

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