News Briefs: Jax Square Artists Get Screwed, More Email Stuff, RSD Not Ready to Rethink Everything, FEMA is Slow?, Latino Workers Finally Get Paid

This sucks, not just for the artists, but for people like me who want to support them and buy good local art, but at an affordable price.

Tracie Washington faces the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board over the ongoing email snafu.

The children with Rethink went before RSD administrators to discuss, among other things, removing metal detectors from their schools. When we let our kids get treated like criminals straight out of the womb, how can we expect them to become anything but?

The Homeland Security Inspector General reported that FEMA took too long to react to complaints about formaldehyde in the trailers that they gave to Katrina victims. That stuff is serious, I've met several people who got sick from living in these trailers, but couldn't afford to live somewhere else.

Latino workers settle lawsuit against Audubon Communities Management for wage theft. This issue is something that the organization that I used to work with dealt with. There were many other companies committing wage theft, forcing workers to stay in gutted houses, trading or "selling" workers to other companies, tricking them into coming here anyway by telling them that t hey will make a lot of money, etc. to the point where we were calling it the new slavery. I don't think that they amount that they got was at all what they deserved, either.

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