You Should Be Famous: Alice Smith

I'm going to start highlighting various artists/actors who are relatively unknown despite having more talent than many of our current stars. First up, Alice Smith.

I first heard her through Honey Soul, a blog that anyone interested in r&b/soul/other music should browse. I can't tell you how many artists I've learned about through this site, but Alice Smith is probably my favorite. Her voice is pretty, but booms; deep and husky, but feminine and emotive. The title of her album, "For Lovers, Dreamers, and Me" sounds exactly like what I would title a personal creation of mine, and I can relate to many of the songs on it. I also love that these aren't just love songs. "Secrets" is about being caught between two people's lies; "Desert Song" is about changing your surroundings and yourself; "Fake is the New Real" is about the music industry today. I can't remember when I last found an album where I liked a high majority of the songs on it. They just don't promote music like this on the radio nowadays.

Here's her album, from Amazon.com.

This is her national TV debut on Ellen's show. The ending is fabulous.

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