Ana a Little Slow, but Bill Shows (Bad) Promise

I'm not so worried about Ana, because she's traveling over a bunch of islands, some of which have mountains, which tend to rip hurricanes apart and weaken them significantly.  I wish that she weren't pointing this way, nevertheless.  I hope the warm waters of the Gulf are not to your liking, Ana.

Bill could be big, they're saying.  According to the map below, they're expecting it to be a category by Wednesday, when it will still be wallowing way out into the Atlantic.  This one could hit 5 by early next week.  So far it looks like it will head north and hit the Eastern seaboard, but I'm pretty sure that many of those states are not prepared for a category 5 hurricane.  Definitely nowhere north of Virginia, like, say, Maryland, where my Mom lives in cheaply constructed affordable housing.  Could I convince her to go stay at a friend's house?  We may have to find out.

Both of these images were snatched from Weather Underground, which I'll be addicted to like crack for the next month or so.

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