News Briefs: RSD Fires "Surplus" Teachers, OC Haley Gets Renovated, 2 Day Tax Holiday, WLN

This is frustrating. Why not put the bad teachers in the surplus pile? Oh, right, that would require actually taking the time to evaluate teachers properly. It's much easier to just force veteran teachers to search for new jobs. Why don't Teach For America recruits have to search for jobs? I believe they are placed in schools.

ETA: Here's a write-up by someone who knows more than I do about the school system here.

Progress! In the past few weeks I've noticed new businesses on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, including a women's employment center that appears to provide childcare. Nine businesses are going to receive money to renovate, including one that a coworker of mine and her husband plan to start (the live music venue mentioned in the article).

I'll actually have money to take advantage of the sales tax holiday this year. But why is it only 2 days long? In the DC area it lasts a week, I think, or at least a whole weekend.

I was there, were you? It was a fun night, but I must say, now that I've experienced both, I like Dirty Linen Night better. Appetizers and booze (good booze) are free, and the art is a little more accessible to me, meaning I wouldn't have to save up two year-long Americorps salaries just to buy one piece of art. Can't wait until this Saturday!

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