From New Orleans - It's Just Me: The First Step to Recovery...

I thought that this was an interesting piece. While I don't completely agree with his conclusions, he provides a lot of information about past issues with the levee system, and the comment section is informative, as well (I tend to agree more with New Orleans Ladder). I think that the blame for the flooding of New Orleans still lies mostly with the Army Corps of Engineers. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it's easy to look down on the rich people who wanted their tennis courts and the poor people who weren't educated enough to do research outside of what their insurance companies told them, but people never expect that the worst thing imaginable will happen to them. They trusted the government to build levees to protect them, and if they were going to half-ass it due to a little complaining from the entitled or the ignorant, they should be fired...oh wait, we can't do that.

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