From Spill.com - Another District 9 Review

Unfortunately, this is not playing at Canal Place.  Shall I venture into Metairie on the bus next week to see it?  Apparently there is only one critic on Rotten Tomatoes who's keeping this film from having a 100% rating, and war is breaking out there because of it.  I think it's kind of silly, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and either way this movie has clearly impressed a lot of people.  The Spill.com guys rated it a "Better Than Sex", and lord knows that I need at least the equivalent of, if not something better than, sex in my life right now...

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newly_nola said...

Hey. I just saw District 9 with my parents today and it is definitely worth taking a bus to Metairie! My mom is not a sci-fi fan but she wanted to see it because she grew up in Johannesburg (sp?) and she gets excited when they film a movie there. Even she had to admit the movie was so very creative (albeit a bit gory in places). She said they based the aliens in the film on a horrible bug they have in South Africa called the Parktown Prawn--you should google it, it's disturbing.