The Nation - Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

This doesn't surprise me at all. After Katrina, Blackwater was running around like lawless criminals, just waiting for someone to give them a reason to shoot them. When I was a volunteer in 2006 two other volunteers went to the store. While sitting in the parking lot, they started to make out. Suddenly they've got flashlights and AK-47s in their face. Blackwater assholes had rolled up in a golf cart looking vehicle, interrogated them for a few minutes, guns pointed the whole time, then rolled out for no reason. She was Black and he was white. That could have been the reason, but I think it was a general power trip thing going on. No one regulates Blackwater.

I'm absolutely positive that some of the young Black men who were shot during the time that Blackwater was in New Orleans were killed by them. Unfortunately, in this city whenever a young Black man is killed all someone has to do is mention drugs and a gun and everyone assumes that he deserved it for being just another thug, whether or not it's true. Sometimes I think that some of these killings could be some serial killer who's saavy enough to realize that no one cares when these men die so they can knock off as many as they want without getting caught.

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