News Briefs: Army Corps, Optimistic Hurricane Season?, Charity Hospital Preferred, FBI Seizes NOPD Files, Lower Pot Penalties

Corps won't make the June 2011 deadline. Really? I'm shocked. It took them forever to start and they hit nothing but bumps along the way, so I don't know why this is news. Also, inspectors have found problems with the 17th Street Canal pumps. It's sad that if the Army Corps of Engineers was a private company contracted to do this work, we could simply fire them and replace them with people who are competent. But no, they are a federal agency so we're just supposed to put up with the fact that they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, and from the looks of it, will be responsible for the deaths of thousands more in the coming years.

Yay? *Runs to find wood to knock on*

Most polled would prefer to renovate Charity Hospital than build this new multi-million dollar facility.

Good. Hopefully something will come of both of these investigations.

District Attorney Cannizzaro has suggested sending cases of simple pot possession to municipal court instead of criminal courts. I guess this is the closest that we'll get to decriminalization right now. I had a friend spend two days in jail over a nickel bag of weed (and he was only stopped because he was white walking in a Black neighborhood). Of course, after all of the money spent bailing him out, his case was dropped because the judge had the common sense to see how pointless it would be to pursue anything further.

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