News Briefs: CNN Special, Classism in Housing, Katrina Books, Charity Mess Continues, Pot is Safer, 1614 Esplanade, Katrina and the Prez, Mayoral Warchests,1B1NO, Sex from the Inside

CNN To Air Katrina Anniversary Specials: CNN will air special segments focusing on rebuilding efforts in New Orleans this week.

Jarvis DeBarry on class-based discrimination in the rental market in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.

A few books on Katrina and her aftermath, New Orleans, or the South in general.

More info on the LSU Complex vs. Charity Hospital battle.  The revised plans are just wasteful.  There's half the number of buildings than was first proposed.  They want to pave people's homes over for parking and trees?

Pot is better, but you already knew that, didn't you?

Articles about President Obama and his promises to rebuild New Orleans, and the new New Orleans.

So far Murray leads with the most money raised for his mayoral race.  James Perry has raised the second highest amount of people who've declared candidacy, but Badon hasn't reported his winnings yet.

One Book, One New Orleans has chosen Gumbo Tales as it's book this year.

A friend of mine made a website for the co-op that he lives in.  These artist types, so creative.

Aaaaand, an MRI of a couple having sex.

I gotta say, I'm probably going to have the image in my head of him poking her insides around for a while.  Is the vaginal canal shorter than I imagined, or was he just really big?  Does this mean that when people have sex while pregnant, the penis really is poking the baby in the head (through the uterine wall)?  Ack!  Also, how much did the couple get paid to do this?

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