News Briefs: Louisiana Film Museum, NO-style Cooking School, DC Metro News, L9 and NO East Police Districts, Bill Now Cat 4, Free Katrina Doc

Opening September 1st, the Louisiana Film Museum will be located on the Riverwalk at Julia Street, in a section of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

This fall a New Orleans style cooking school will open in the Riverwalk Marketplace on Level C.

In news probably only important to me, the Metro in Washington DC will be expanding cell phone service by adding underground equipment so providers other than Verizon will get signals.  This service will start October 16th.  This seems a little unnecessary (do people get signals on the NY subways?), but it's a luxury I'll enjoy when I'm visiting my mom in the future.

I actually agree with Riley when he says that the Lower 9th Ward and New Orleans East need their own police districts.  Both are very isolated, and NO East is huge enough to be it's own city.

Hurricane Bill is a bad motherfucker, but he seems to be heading northward further into the Atlantic (um, sorry Bermuda).

There's a new Katrina documentary called "Survival, Strength, Starting Over" that will be screening for free tomorrow at Canal Place at 7pm and Sunday at Celebration Church in Arabi.

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