News Briefs: Theatre Overhaul at Canal Place, Green Goddess, Katrina Anniversary Events, Black Dynamite

In two weeks, Landmark Theaters will no longer be housed at Canal Place.  It'll be replaced by Southern Theaters, which will start major renovations shortly.

A new restaurant, The Green Goddess, has opened up at 307 Exchange Alley in the French Quarter.  I downloaded their lunch and dinner menus and am curious about how a lot of the foods taste.  I'll definitely check it out and report my findings!

Here's a list of some of the events going on for the 4th anniversary of Katrina.

In movie news, Black Dynamite is finally getting a fall release after playing the festivals.   If I remember correctly, my second post here was about this movie.  Ooops, no, it was my third post.  Sony has taken the red band trailer off of YouTube, so here's the green band.

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