Recycling trash to electricity idea has residents nervous - NOLA.com

This sounds like a great idea. Too bad there doesn't seem to be any other examples of this technology in America. I understand the fears of environmental racism and toxic chemicals, but the debate doesn't seem very informed on the opponent side. Where's the proof that this is incineration that will release dangerous toxins into the air in greater numbers than Energy Sun claims? It seems to be an assumption with no support other than the knowledge that corporations lie. I don't think fear of the unknown should keep us from doing something that could change the way this world works. At the same time, if this stuff is dangerous we need to know before the plant is built. They mention a plant in Japan but don't note how many toxins are released, just that the plant doesn't handle as much trash as one in New Orleans would. But proportionally, how many toxins are released? That shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

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