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Where my mom lives in Maryland has a lot of man-made lakes in close proximity, which of course attracts a lot of ducks. A few years ago, these condo owners in one complex that had it's own lake started complaining that the ducks were overpopulated, and there was duck shit everywhere, etc. So a bunch of the ducks were euthanized, and some of the remaining females (or males?) were made infertile. Isn't it just like upper-middle class people to pay more to live by waterfront property, then complain about the natural wildlife that it attracts?

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katrinafilm said...

No, this subject only came up because the people who released the ducks into the bayou are politically connected. There is little to no resistance to the ducks. Below is what the residents around the bayou really care about...


Master Plan With the Force of Law: Planning and Zoning in New Orleans

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Charlie London