Guilty Pleasures: The Young and the Restless

So...I watch soaps. Well, since I'm always working, I don't so much "watch" soaps as keep up with them online, and occasionally watch big episodes on the network website. The Young and the Restless has been my favorite since discovering it the fall of 2006, when the apartment that I moved into still had a month of cable TV left on it's contract. Extremely well acted, "realistic" in a soapy way, amazing set design, etc. were all aspects that attracted me to this show. That said, check out the promo for the wrap-up of this summer's major storyline.

The history behind this storyline is here. Patty/Mary Jane is obviously the one with the gun. Victor is the older guy with the mustache (I hope she shoots him, he deserves it). Jack, the cad who made her go crazy, is the other guy with the blue eyes. The girl who they show with the long brown hair sinking into the water? Colleen Carlton, Victor's former stepgrandaughter and Jack's niece. The actress is leaving the show, so this is a good way to get rid of the character. And the girl shown waking up gasping is her best friend, Lily, who I assume will have some sort of premonition about her BFF dying. I love this show. I have to remember to tape it on the 17th.

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Today I like to watch The Young And
The Restless.