More Midnight Madness

More Midnight Madness:

Continuing its successful run of midnight movies over the summer, Prytania Theatre will screen the following films for night owl moviegoers, starting this weekend:

  • Donnie Darko, Sept. 4-5

  • The Big Lebowski, Sept. 11-12

  • Pulp Fiction, Sept. 18-19

  • The Exorcist, Sept. 25-26

  • The Goonies, Oct. 2-3

  • Dazed and Confused, Oct. 9

  • Troll 2, Oct. 10

  • Lost Boys, Oct. 16-17

The theater’s Classic Movie series also continues through September — just some more local options to consider while Canal Place Cinema will be closed starting this Monday, Sept. 7.
Troll 2 seems like the curveball in the list. Perhaps its inclusion on the otherwise stellar roster is due to what may be the best line reading in the history of film, ranking alongside other greats like the notorious “Garbage Day” scene from Silent Night Deadly Night 2. In any case, kudos to Prytania for letting its audience indulge in total pop-cultural garbage.

From Gambit Weekly's blog, Blog of New Orleans.

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