News Briefs: Crumbling Levees in Algiers, True Blood Beverage, Free Amazon Downloads, Racism in Schools, Police Monitor Resigns, Trailer Trials Begin

The levee in Algiers is crumbling, but the Army Corps of Engineers is saying that this is totally not a problem.

B-positive for me, please.

Free music!!!!!!!  Get it while you can!

NOLA Film Fest Line-up.  They're showing Precious!  Can't wait, and I'll actually have money this year.

How should teachers discuss racist attitudes towards each other and students?

I didn't even know about this, and already this dude's resigning.

First FEMA trailer trial is about to begin.

I think most of these links came from New Orleans Ladder.  I keep forgetting to note where this info comes from, if it's not something I discovered myself.  That's what happens when you leave a hundred tabs open for several days in Firefox, you end up with no idea where any of it came from.

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