News Briefs: Target Takes Food Stamps, A SDT Star is Born, 1 Day a Week Trash Pick-up, Sweet Valley High Movie, FEMA Trailer Suit Loss

Target is now accepting food stamps. Finally. You know, seeing as they are Walmart's biggest competitor, you'd think that the second Walmart started accepting food stamps, they would have done the same.

Sidney D. Torres and his business will star in a new reality show on TLC based around SDT, him, and his family.   Well, at least TLC does realer reality than, say, VH1.

Stacey Head thinks that twice-a-week trash pick-up is a luxury that New Orleans can't afford.  Um, I'm pretty sure that everywhere else that I've lived has had twice-a-week pick-up, and I don't really see how it is a luxury.  This city already has a critter problem, and in some neighborhoods it appears that twice-a-week pick-up is not often enough, so I really hope that this is not a suggestion that gains traction.  If it were easier (or free) to recycle then yeah; now that I've started recycling I only have to take my trash out once-a-week.  But there are people less fortunate than I who can't even afford $10 a month - or have way too many family members to be able to keep their recycling for two weeks at a time.

In movie news that hearkens back my days as an angry teenager (that only read about happy teenagers), Diablo Cody will be adapting the Sweet Valley High book series for the big screen.  I'm never a fan of anything that is too popular, so I'm a little annoyed that Ms. Cody is the hip new writer that everyone wants to write or adapt x y and z, but she may be able to take the saccharine out of SVH for today's more cynical audiences.  I never made it through the whole series, but I recall my favorite plotline being the evil twins that looked exactly like blond-haired, blue-eyed Elizabeth and Jessica except they had gray eyes and black hair.  Yeah, I'd like SVH to be a less "High School Musical", more Heathers.

And the first FEMA trailer lawsuit has been lost.  I wonder if it would have been better to choose a case a little more cut and dry.  I mean, how do you prove that your kid's asthma got worse due to the trailer, instead of naturally?  I know there must be people out there who were perfectly healthy before moving into the FEMA trailers, and got extremely sick afterwards. 

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