News Briefs: Treme Writers Signing, Netflix Streams Oz, Campus Rape Crisis, Modern Slavery in New Orleans, Vampire Film Festival

Oooh, oooh, oooh!  Some of the writers of Treme are doing a book signing at Octavia Books next Wednesday at 6pm.  I'll definitely be there, rain or shine.

On October 3rd, Netflix will stream The Wizard of Oz for free for everyone, including those without Netflix accounts.

This great article is about how colleges need to greatly improve how they deal with rape on campus, because at this point it's a crisis and how the onus is always put on young women to behave perfectly so they don't "get themselves raped".  I never heard about anyone getting raped on campus in my 4 years at Cornell, but I'm sure that hundreds were at a school that big with a high female population.  It's all swept under the rug...

When I was an organizer my organization spoke to a lot of immigrant workers who'd been lured to New Orleans with promises of big money, only to be treated like slaves; working long hours with little or no pay, their work visas being sold from one company to another when their work was finished at the first one, etc.  This article is a good summary of what was going on.  Now that there is less destructive and more constructive work going on here, I think many of them have been able to escape and work as day laborers.  But who knows about all of them?

The organization that I'm working for, The Phoenix of New Orleans, is collaborating with the Vampire Film Festival's first voyage in New Orleans, the perfect city for it.  It's really coming together, I'm pretty excited about it.

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