From NPR 12.07 - Unemployment and African American Men

Even with all of the venom coming from the Republicans on Cornell's campus, I never quite grasped how widespread the belief seems to be that Black students are on college campuses or have good jobs because of affirmative action. How do people justify thinking this about all of us (and this assumption seems to be automatic, so Blacks are guilty of being unqualified until proven intelligent), and then vehemently deny being racist? I've seen the surprise on people's faces when I say I got my degree from Cornell. And then I get defensive and try to make it sound like it wasn't as hard as it was. It was hard. And I graduated in four years, working harder than I ever have before. I should say "Yeah, I graduated from a better school then you. And I have a mother who barely graduated from high school, Mr./Ms. middle class. Step up your game!"

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