Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus

Heee! And yes, I watch 24 (well, the seasons that don't suck.  So, 1-5).  I've always found it strange that some people think it's a conservative show, I guess because of the torturing and such.  But has no one ever noticed that no matter what brown or black person is the "terrorist", the person/people controlling them is always a rich white man?  And halfway through the season CTU discovers this, and Jack must then hunt down and destroy him?  And I'm pretty sure I remember several seasons where it was clear that some war was being started just to make some rich white men even richer, which seems not only like a radically liberal theory, but...realistic?  True?  I wonder if the torture and violations of civil rights are just to confuse Rupert Murdoch into thinking that he's successfully brainwashing the populace?

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