Songs I Can't Skip on My Ipod and a Mouse in My House

Lately I've been coming across obsessions in my Ipod. These are some of the songs that I either replay or refuse to skip.

Also, there is a mouse in my house! I saw something dark scurry under my desk, and stood there with my mouth open for about a minutes, realizing that it had a little tail so it couldn't be a cockroach. I called C--W, my landlord, and told him, and he said to come over and get some rat poison, and that I could sleep in his spare room tonight. As I was talking to him, it darted out again, then went back into my closet (boxes, no clothes). I screamed. I'm writing this from the spare room of the main house. I hope that thing is dead by tomorrow. Then I'll have to figure out how to clean it up. Blech!

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