The Congo Genocide Rivals the Holocaust

A blogger that I read (Happy Nappy Head) posted about this the other day. I've never even heard about this conflict, and it's death rates rival the Holocaust? I know the US dragged it's heels on fighting to end that atrocity, but how many Congolese will have to die, be raped, and tortured for us to step in over there? That seems like a war worth fighting for.

Here's the letter that I sent to Representative Cao, who represents the 2nd District (where I apparently live. Who knew?):

Dear Representative Cao,

I just read an article about the genocide in Congo, and was shocked by the fact that most people know nothing about this atrocity even though the number of people killed has surpassed the people killed during the Holocaust. I'm writing to ask you and your fellow representatives to please support Representative Jim McDermott's McDermott Amendment to HR 2647 and the Congo Conflict Minerals Act of 2009. When remembering the Holocaust we always say that we'll never let something like that happen again. Well, we already have (Rwanda, Sudan, and now the Congo). When will this country learn from it's mistakes? Let's be heroes instead of hypocrites this time. Below is an op-ed from the NY Times about this atrocity, and below that a YouTube video explaining what this conflict is all about.


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