From PostBourgie - "Colorlines: Race and the Economic Recovery" Full Eppy

H/T to PostBourgie.

I remember when my mom was on unemployment (that's what they call welfare in MD) when I was little hearing her complain about having to go to those silly classes when she'd been working in the same field for more than 10 years and already knew everything that they were teaching.  It's a waste of time for many people.  There are some people who need job training out there, but most of the people who are on welfare or unemployment are just people who were unlucky enough to get fired and not get another job within a few weeks.

It's a damn shame that the woman interviewed had to go back to an abusive relationship because he could help support the kids.  It also disturbs me how often poor women are threatened with getting their kids taken away from them.  No, lead paint is not a safe environment for the kids, but neither is living with a daddy who likes to hit your mom.  I would say that an abusive father is a much more immediate danger.  What the hell else were her options?  Child Services needs to be more reasonable, or helpful, about things like this.

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