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Dear Denise,

In just 24 short hours, the city of New Orleans will be on its way in choosing a new mayor. It is time for the people of New Orleans to have a leader as good as they are.

Ask yourself just one question. Is our great city heading in the right direction?

If the answer is no, and you think it is time for a dramatic change then we must select bold and courageous leadership.  In this election we need more than a new mayor; we need a new direction.

New Orleans doesn't need a long time politician who is more interested in the next election than the next generation. New Orleans doesn't need an empty business suit who cares more about profits than people.

New Orleans deserves a mayor who is willing to be held accountable.

I will reduce the murder rate by 40% or I won't run for reelection.  That's what separates me from everyone else in this race.

I need your help to finish strong. Polling data suggests that 30% of the electorate is still undecided. Of those undecided voters, 98% do NOT lean towards the candidates with the higher name recognition.

Unbelievably, this race is still wide open. We need every single one of you to volunteer at least one hour between now and 8 P.M. tomorrow night.

Many of you have already generously donated. But if you can dig deep once more and give just $20, $30 or $50, every dollar helps us to expand our Get Out the Vote efforts and gets us that much closer.

Over the past year at forums, coffee shops and living rooms across New Orleans, I've been told that my candidacy represents the future of New Orleans. Well New Orleans, the future is not a distant tomorrow…our future must begin on February 6. 

Thank you,

James Perry

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