Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Music Video

I had to post it, being a movie buff who's fascinated by Lady Gaga's insanity.  I don't see how the video fits with a song, I mean, hell, she's not a bad actress (ahem, Beyonce), she should just start making her own bizarre acid tripped movies.  I'd pay to see it.  Um, since she and Bey are apparently best buddies, does that mean that I'm going to have to suffer through her dragging down future Gaga endeavors?  I mean, she looks amazing (when did her boobs get that big?  Pregnant?), but I kinda would have preferred her singing, not talking.  Oh, and a note:  this is apparently the rated R version (for naughty words, a possible cooter sighting, and multiple shots of Lady Gaga's skinny little bubble butt), so do not watch at work.

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