Spike Lee's Sequel to "When the Levees Broke" Finished

If God is Willing and the Creek Don't Rise is the title of Spike Lee's sequel to When the Levees Broke, which is probably my favorite documentary ever.  According to Shadow and Act it should debut late in the summer (I would imagine sometime in August), presumably on HBO.  There are some gorgeous pics on this local photographer's blog, where he states:

Spike vowed to do a follow-up to the story five years after the disaster, and true to his word, he and his crew have spent the last couple of months filming around the Gulf Coast, interviewing displaced New Orleanians as well as those who have returned home, following the Saints’ victory march to the Super Bowl and the resultant high that the city is still coasting on…He has also probed into the rise of the charter school movement in New Orleans and the state of the reconstruction efforts in the Lower Ninth Ward and elsewhere.

That's exactly what I would have wanted a 5 years later follow up to be about.  I can't wait!

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