"Treme" - Eppys 1 and 2

A Mardi Gras Indian in full regalia.
A week off from work and I haven't managed to post more then this?  Boo on me.  Anywho, there's a little show on HBO that's causing a lot of local and national buzz.  I plan on faithfully watching it, both as a lover of this city and a fan of David Simon's The Wire, so here are some of my thoughts on the first and second episodes.

Episode 1:  "Do You Know What It Means"

  • It wasn't until my second viewing that I understood most of the words that were said in that opening scene.  Guess who's not a local, nor a musician?  I do like that, much like with many scenes in The Wire, the writers do not care that most people won't understand that scene without multiple viewings.  I hate how most TV shows dumb things down for the viewers.  I like it when my brain has to work to understand what's going on.
  • I love the opening, and you better believe that I'm getting this song.  I wonder if they'll change the singer, or maybe the song, each season?
  • Boo to Steve Zahn's ass.
  • I've always loved John Goodman, and thought that he was extremely underrated as an actor.  I did not know that he lived down here.
  • I really hate recognizing houses and buildings, but not being able to remember what neighborhood they're in.
  • Davis is an asshole.
  • Albert Lambreaux's daughter grates, but it's probably because it's hard for me to imagine things from the perspective of someone who doesn't want to be here, whose's bad memories of New Orleans are more present then her good ones.
  • The guy playing the friend of LaDonna's brother, who tells her that he was locked up when the hurricane hit?  I was an extra with him in Jonah Hex last summer.  We chatted for a while between takes.  He did well, I wonder if those were his first lines onscreen.  I've got to get an agent.
  • God, Albert has got to gut that place pronto.  That mold is no joke, he's going to get himself real sick.
  • I'm automatically inclined to believe that any brutality claim against an NOPD officer is true, so fuck that cop for being so rude to John Goodman's wife!
  • "Broke ass horn player!"
  • Oh, that scene with Albert in that Indian costume.  Man.  First you see sparkles in the darkness.  Then hear the yell.  Then there's the outline of all of those pretty pretty feathers.  I'm always awed by the time and effort that is put into those costumes.  Who would ever think that men could make such things of beauty?
  • That stare that Albert gives his son when he's complaining about paying the water bill on a place they don't own?  I need to learn that stare by the time I have brats old enough to argue with me.  Wordless obedience.
  • I've never seen a live jazz funeral.  It always seemed morbid, to stand around and observe such a personal moment between family and friends, even if it is in a public space.
Episode 2:  "Meet De Boys on The Battlefront"
  • Poor bird.
  • The intro song makes my hips move involuntarily.
  • That must be hard for a chef to be cooking on a hot plate in her bedroom like some college student.
  • I hope LaDonna hasn't given that contractor a lot of money.  Using one person's money on another job was just the beginning of the bullshit that they were on.  That man better give her what she wants, or he'll end up with a broom handle upside his head like those guys who got into a fight in her bar last eppy.
  • Wow, this song "Careless Love" is awfully morbid.  Also, while I get his frustration with at dealing with the voluntourists since I've had to work with them for the past three years, I suspect that Sonny isn't a native himself, just someone who was here pre-flood.  I moved here in 2007, so I still have a little tourist in me myself.  Also, Annie is lovely, and reminds me of a friend of mines girlfriend.  I hope that her head doesn't end up in a pot.
  • As someone with a degree in sociology, I fully appreciate African studies, women's studies, English, etc. but I agree with Creighton.  In an emergency situation, the courses that actually result in some sort of job straight out of college should be the ones that are kept.  I fully admit that my degree is mostly useless.
  • So...Kermit Ruffins' BBQ smells like pussy.  Good to know.  And it's hilarious that out of all of the comments and commentary on all of the other local Treme blogs, no one mentioned this scene.  Am I just immature, or was that the funniest (and saddest) shit ever?  The things that men say to get out of trouble.  He knows she didn't buy that shit, but it kept coming out of his mouth.
  • You can see LaDonna trying to hold her tongue about putting the bar up for sale.  I'm guessing that's going to be a strong point of contention in their relationship.  I've talked to so many people who wanted desperately to come back, it must be impossible for her to hear her husband say that Baton Rouge is their home now.
  • "There's pride on Bourbon Street!"  Where?
  • I just noticed on 2nd viewing that the cop that pinches Albert's son is the same douchebag that was nasty to Toni Bernette in the last eppy.
  • Wasn't expecting the beatdown, but he kept warning him.  I should have seen the darkness brewing.  I still love the character, but he's definitely layered now, more realistic.  You may want to love everything and everyone about this city, but it's not all fun and games, and not every "poor New Orleanian" is a saint in need of help and sympathy.  I don't think that was built up frustration.  I think that if this had happened before 8/29, one of the lower Indians in his crew would have been sent after this guy, because you don't fuck with a Mardi Gras Indian chief.
  • Slim Charles!  Aw, and their momma got all dressed up in her church clothes.  I think LaDonna's brother is dead.
  • Hmm, Albert's neighbor from episode one didn't show up for this practice.  I wonder how many guys will be there next week.
I feel like it's too early for me to go into the in depth character analysis that so many others are doing.  Also, I hate repeating what's already been written many times before.  There are several blogs devoted to solely to this show, and hundreds of articles have been written since it's premiere.  I'd link to them but I'm lazy, so just click here and you'll find many useful links.  Now...previews for Sunday!

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