Bike Thief in Lakeview

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Denise thought you would be interested in this item from nola.com

So, part of the reason why there are so many murders in this city is because killers know that they have a very low chance of actually being arrested, charged, and convicted, because the NOPD and the District Attorney's office is in need of some serious overhaul from the ground up. That said, I'm not sure if creating digital police sketches of bike theives is a good use of the NOPD's time or money. I've heard of people who had their cars broken into, stereos and valuables stolen, get a shrug from officers when they ask what will be done to catch the thief. But snatch a bike? Call the press, release a sketch. Kill a Black man in Central City? Eh, must have been drug related.  Rape a college girl?  Let the school handle it.  This bike must have belonged to someone very important.

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