Local News Briefs: NOPD Cover-Up Charges, Kristin Palmer stands up for non-profits, New LSU Clinic Open 24hrs, and the Greenway is on the Way!

Charges were filed in murder (and subsequent cover-up) of Henry Glover at the hands of several NOPD officers in the aftermath of the levee failures nearly 5 years ago.

Newly elected city councilwoman Kristin Palmer laid into the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA) over all of the red tape and slow disbursement involved with the Non-Profit Rebuilding Pilot Program (NPRPP) grant.  I had the misfortune of being at one of the NPRPP meetings a few months ago, that the state holds to answer any questions and provide guidance to the non-profits that have been awarded this grant.  Many questions were asked, and I can't remember if any were answered to anyone's satisfaction.  It eventually devolved in frustrated yelling, since the money was "awarded" nearly a year ago, but as the article states, a minuscule amount has actually been disbursed.  I'm excited to see what Kristin Palmer will do as a city councilwoman.  I found her frightening when I worked at Rebuilding Together last summer, but scary people are the best ones to have on your side.

LSU opened a 24hr clinic at 2025 Gravier St. to treat minor injuries earlier this year, and they are now fully operational.

The City of New Orleans recently acquired the last parcel of land needed to turn the Lafitte Greenway from a dream to a reality.  I participated in the annual walk of the Lafitte Greenway back in May, and was so inspired and excited by all of the ideas that they presented that I became a member of Friends of Lafitte Corridor.  Check out their website at the link above, and help support the cause!  Check out the pictures that I took during the walk below.

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Editor B said...

Thanks for joining FOLC — and posting this. I see you're on Flickr too and in the Lafitte Corridor groups. Please do feel free to add all your hike pix to the group pool. I have every reason to believe that next year's hike will be even more exciting.