Local News Briefs: Oil Spill Training, Crumbling Structures in Armstrong Park, EPA Tells Us Something We Already Knew, Scary Hurricane Season Predicted

I've got to get back into the hang of doing this.

Audubon will start training volunteers to work for the Audubon Volunteer Response Center Monday, June 7th, for oil spill purposes on the Mississippi coast.

Good God, Armstrong Park is already fucked up and it (still) hasn't even opened yet.

The EPA has finally ruled that formaldehyde causes cancer.  Funny how these types of admissions are always too late for the people who are suffering and dying.  A couple of years ago when people started complaining about how their perfectly healthy 50-something year old mother started having nosebleeds and migraines, and their kid brother all of a sudden started having serious asthma attacks, and their wife had died within 2 months of being diagnosed with cancer, they were just being ridiculous, exaggerating a non-problem, making ignorant assumptions about something they knew nothing about.

I went to one of those FEMA formaldehyde meetings, which were basically meant to tell people that there was nothing to worry about, but the residents there were too smart to buy that.  But no one will ever say that those people were right because most of them were poor, and many of them Black, and if you're poor and/or Black, you could claim that this city is hot as hell in the middle of August, and you'd still be wrong.  I read a lot of this blog when people started to publicly complain about the trailers, there's a ton of information and testimonials there.

Hang on for the ride.  *Sigh*.  More specifically, 18 named storms and 10 hurricanes.  This does not help with the bad feelings I'm having about this year's hurricane season.  I need renter's insurance and a driver's license, stat.

I think I'm done depressing myself now.  Until tomorrow!

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