A Multitude of Movies I'm Looking Forward To: Sus, Stone, Buried, An Omar Broadway Film, The Town

Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds.

H/T to /Film.  I've heard that this movie is really good, I hope that one of it's September limited releases is in this area.

Stone, starring Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro (what?!  I'm already there!).

H/T to Shadow and Act.  The cast alone is enough for me to want to see this film.

Sus, starring Clint Dyer.

H/T to Shadow and Act.  I really hope that this film can find an American distributor.

"An Omar Broadway Film", starring Omar Broadway, a prisoner who managed to smuggle a camera into the penitentiary and film various acts of correctional officer brutality.

H/T to Shadow and Act.  This film supposedly aired on HBO last Wednesday, but I haven't been able to...uh...procure it anywhere else on the internets.

And finally, The Town, starring Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner.

H/T to Shadow and Act.  You know, I never believed that Ben Affleck sucked as much as everyone else thought, and it's good to see him finally living up to his potential and choosing good movies.

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