True Blood: 2nd Half Season Preview

Ooooooh!  A lot of the pivotal stuff in this preview happened in this past Sunday's episode, but a few things stuck out to me:

Most would assume that Sookie ends up in the hospital at the end of the season, but I suspect that it will be tomorrow's episode or the next one, depending on how long Lorena's attack is drawn out.  I'm hoping that the dream sequence that occurs while she's unconscious will shed light on her powers.

Jesus is back!  I figured he would be, Lafayette is too charming to be given up on that easily.

Bill in the sunlight!  Must be a dream or fantasy, unless there's some sort of life beyond the true death that Bill was supposed to have received from Lorena.

Nan Flanagan is a bad bitch.

Debbie looks a lot less trashy whilst trying to kill Sookie.  Murderous rage is a good look on her.

I really hoped that smushing Franklin's head in would kill him, but I'm sure that he's the one who's terrorizing Tara in the preview.  Side rant:  Tara is such a better heroine than Sookie is.  She may have made a grave mistake by not cutting Franklin's head off, but she still plotted, planned, and (more than likely) successfully executed her own escape and rescued Sookie in the process.  This, after being bitten, tied to various objects for 2 or 3 days, and fed just once in the same span of time.  What would Sookie have done?  Well, if the history of 2.5 seasons tells us anything, cried and waited for one of the many men (grrrrr, now Alcide?) who are sniffing her pretty blond ass to rescue her.  All of that southern sass does not make a heroine.  Real heroines are clever and slick and fight for a way to save themselves.  Tara manipulated Franklin so well, I wish she'd known enough about vampires to finish the job.  I can't wait to see how it ends with those two.

I might almost be nerdy enough to plan a trip to Comic-Con next year.  Might be.  Maybe.

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