Blogging Challenge Day 2: My First Love

Well, this should be pretty easy since... I've never been in love before. I consider myself a late bloomer. I just started dating in my early twenties, and haven't really dated that much yet. It bothers me sometimes that I haven't experienced what so many others my age have already, but I'm starting to already see that a lot of things are wasted on youth, love included. Can we really understand and appreciate it? So many can't, and I wonder if I should relax and have fun in the 5 years that I have left of my twenties, and save the love and romance for when I know exactly what to do with it. Don't get me wrong - I won't turn it away. But there are too many girls my age looking for their husband and the father of their children, when they barely know how to take care of themselves or what they want from life. I'm still figuring that stuff out, and I know that if I rush it I'll get it wrong.

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bayoucreole said...

Take ya time chick, take ya time.
It'll happen when it does. Glad to see you in the challenge.