The Colour of Beauty | Work for All

I found this documentary on Work For All, which makes films about discrimination in the workplace.  It discusses racism in the fashion industry while following Black model Renee Thompson as she navigates the world of modeling.

I would love to start a magazine, clothing line, make up line, something that requires models, and hire only Black, Latina, and Asian women.  I'd add that they can be all shapes and sizes, as well.  And I bet that just like that Vogue Italia "Black Issue", my look book would sell out in days, because women like to see themselves in society's representations of beauty.  If I see a woman with my skin tone, with my shape, wearing a dress that she looks amazing in, I'm going to assume that I'll look amazing in it too, and I'll hunt it down.  There'd be a lot of complaining about "reverse racism", but I think it's clear that white models have a hundred times more opportunity than models of color in that industry.

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