Blogging Challenge Day 6: My Day

Instead of covering one calendar date, I'm going to cover a 24hr period, from the afternoon of September 17th to the afternoon of September 18th.

Biko, grinning at me.
1:00 pm:  Started setting everything out for the PNOLA Staff BBQ, everyone starts bustling around putting food into cars and heading to Bayou St. John to set up.  The boss and I head to my house to borrow my landlord's grill and pick up Biko - pretty dogs are always invited to the BBQ.

1:27 pm:  Biko decides to dive headfirst into the Bayou.  I walk along the edge to make sure that he doesn't get tangled in his leash, which is still attached to his collar.  He doesn't, but tries to get out several times when he's tired, to no avail.  He's in the middle section between two bridges, and he'd have to climb up the concrete ridge to get out.  I try to get him to swim over to the area next to the bridge where he could just walk out, but he's stubborn, and a coworker and I end up pulling him out, soaking both of us (and almost spilling my wine cooler!).  He's a skinny dog, once you get past the fur.

1:45 pm:  Mmmmmm, someone made potato salad for us, and it's the best I've ever had, topped with bacon, chives, cheddar, and onions.  I have 3 helpings.  Errr, small ones.

2:13 pm:  He's also a brilliant dog.  He's been staring at a plate of hamburgers for 10 minutes, and I've been watching him to make sure that he doesn't mess with them.  Once they get down to 2, I turn my back for a second and he bumps the plate with his nose and runs off as it falls to the ground.  Totally accidental, right?  And no choice left but to give them to the dog, who happily eats them whole.

2:30 pm:  Man, I drowned this soy burger with ketchup and it still tastes like ick.  BBQs make me rue the day that I quit beef.  I'm just going to have to buy some turkey or chicken patties and save them for these occasions.

4:00 pm:  BBQ over and I'm back home.  I ride with my landlord to run errands, ending with a trip to Whole Foods where I buy some Shrimp Jambalaya, which is not jambalaya (jambalaya is not soupy, Whole Foods!), but gumbo.  It is, however, yummy.

6:00 pm:  My package has arrived!  I ordered a "magazine table" to help organize my living room a little better.  The bottom shelf will be used for shoes - there's no way I can keep the floor clean if I let people keep their shoes on when they come inside.  The middle shelf is where I'll move all of my books, which are currently sitting on top of my mantle, which may be sloooooowly falling towards my gas wall mounted heater.  And the top shelf is where I'll put my keys and little decorative items.  I haul it inside, debating whether I want to put it together now or tomorrow.  Tomorrow.

7:30 pm:  My head hurts.  Why?  I did twist my neck some kind of funny way at the BBQ, when I was trying to hold on to Biko's leash while pulling my booze out of my bag.  I'm going to lay down and play on the internet.

9:00 pm:  My head hurts so bad that I couldn't even finish a brownie, and these are really good brownies.  The Aleve doesn't seem to be helping.  I think I need to just go to bed.

9:30 pm:  Out like a light.

5:30 am:  Annnnnnd I'm awake.  Headache gone, thank goodness.  I try to see if I can go back to sleep, at least until the sun is up, but no dice.  I listen to my podcasts for a while, download and play a Monopoly app on my iPhone (which I rock at), and read some blogs until about 9:00 am.

9:30 am:  I'm hungry.  I should probably shower first, or no one will want to have breakfast with me.

10:15 am:  Showered, dressed, and pretty cute.  I knock on my landlords door.  Still asleep.  In 40 minutes, he and his son will be ready to go to breakfast.  I decide to put in a load of laundry, then I can't help but get started on putting together my bookshelf.

11:30 am:  That was longer than 40 minutes.

Noon:  We decide to go to Ruby Slipper, because I get their newsletter and am craving their crab cake breakfast.

12:30 pm:  Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom.

1:20 pm:  Back to the bookshelf.

1:45 pm:  Finished!  Ooooh, it's so pretty!  My books look great on there, don't they?  

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Anonymous said...

I love the bookshelf! I have the perfect spot for it in my house..lol.
Biko is sooooo cute! I love Shepherds! My next dog is gonna be another German Shepherd...they are so smart and loyal.
I'm so lazy with the challenge! I better get going on mine.