Amtrack Trip Update

I'm about 15hrs into my ride from NOLA to DC. I dozed off and on against my will throughout the day, so I'm wide awake now while everyone else is drifting off.

I managed to finally finish a book that I meant to read a year ago, and I'm going to start on another one tomorrow morning before we arrive. I ordered 4 for the trip, plus the one that I just finished, and my lovely friend and her husband gifted me a 6th book on Monday. One of my biggest excitements about taking the train instead of flying (besides not stressing out over which bag my liquids are in, and getting fondled by the TSA)? Finally having time to embrace my childhood reading addiction.

Right now I'm alternating between editing some video for work and typing up a list of seasonal vegetables and fruits. I'm getting serious about these fruits and veggies, y'all. I'm exercising, and seeing results, but I know that I still have a long way to go to get back in shape. My short goal is March, long goal is my birthday in May. I don't want to buy anymore clothes until I'm down to my goal weight. 5'5" is too short to be almost 150 lbs, and it's scary how quickly weight can sneak up on you.

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Happy Holidays!!!