RTA might use its own money for new North Rampart streetcar line | NOLA.com

I'm really glad that the RTA is dedicated to bringing streetcars back to neighborhoods that have never had them, or long been without them, and that this may be front burnered instead of the Convention Center loop. What is the point of this loop? It would make more sense if it went around the CBD, going down the Riverfront to St. Joseph or Andrew Higgins, up to Loyola and UPT, then over to Canal St. But to just have a loop going around the Convention Center? I get that we have thousands of convention-goers in town at any given time, but they can easily take the Canal Streetcar from their hotels to the River, then take the Riverfront Streetcar to the back of the Convention Center, and I imagine have been for years. I do have to agree with some of the comments, though. I'd like to see a lot more money invested in getting the bus schedules together. Why is there a two hour gap between Jackson-Esplanade's in the late evening? That's a shitty time to get stuck on the side of town that's not yours, and the Jax-Espy is one of the few lines that doesn't end at Canal St. and cover's substantial ground both uptown and downtown.

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