Blogging Challenge Day 7: My Best Friend

Yes, it's been like, 3 months.  Shut up.  I had stuff to do.  Important stuff.  Anyway, I'm back on the challenge and attempting to complete it before my birthday in May.

Best friends.  I've always preferred to have a small group of really close friends to a large group of "acquaintances", and the best friends usually lasted at least until I was at a different school.

3yrs - 6yrs - My best friend was a girl named Sarah, who lived next door to the house where my grandmother and great grandmother lived in Ohio.  I visited every summer until I was 12.  She was a couple years older than me, so by my last summer in Ohio we'd grown apart.

3yrs - 12th grade - My longest friendship is probably my most troubled.  She was ... difficult, to say the least, and the older and more mature I get I realize that I'd rather have no friends than ones who treat me like shit.

1st grade - 5th grade - Her initials were KM.  We share the same last name, which I think was what initiated our friendship.  We ended up going to different middle schools.

6th grade - 7th grade - His initials were YH.  He was a troublemaker who goofed off in class.  He amused me, my "goodness" charmed him, and we were fast friends.  It was middle school so everyone assumed that we were fucking (yes, in middle school!), but our friendship was completely innocent.  His mother moved him out of the district, so he ended up leaving my school at the end of 7th grade.

7th grade - 12th grade/kind of present - Initials BU.  Another guy.  I totally thought he was my first love ... for about 2 months.  Man, those crushes were intense.  We became brother-sister close, which makes sense, since we're both only children.  Once again, people thought something was going on between us, including his girlfriend.  We went to separate high schools, but would get home and spend about 5 hours on the phone every. damn. day.  I never thought I'd be one of those teenage girls who was on the phone all of the time, until I was.  But with a guy!  But with a gay guy.  Once I went to college we became more distant, but when I'm able to see him when I'm in Maryland, it feels like old times.

College Years - I had two best friends.  NSK and FA.  If one of us was at an event, you could probably find at least another one nearby standing in the food line.  These two were probably the least dramatic friendships that I've ever had, which probably means I should try to keep them forever.  We try to keep in touch but FA is in med school and NSK is heading there soon, and I'm terrible at calling people.

... And now? - I don't know if at my age it's possible to really have "Best friends" the way I had when I was younger, especially since I've only been in New Orleans 3.5 yrs and I'm shy at meeting new people.  My closest friends here are an almost septuagenarian and my friend Kristy, whom I have a lot in common with.  I think I'm overdue for having a male best friend again, but if he's not gay he would be in danger of me turning him into a sex buddy (because I need that, too).

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Anonymous said...

It is possible to meet someone that you can be "best friends" with. I found one years ago at work. She and I just hit it off and became the best of friends. Sadly, she passed away and I miss her everyday.