Popcorn Fiction.com: Better Than Hollywood

Ever since I was a child, I've read books as though they were movies in my head.  Meaning, I cast them, imagine the cinematography, figure out which angle each shot would be at, line delivery for each actor, etc.  About 6 months ago, I subscribed to Popcorn Fiction, a website that publishes short stories written by the site editor's fellow Hollywood screenwriters.  Since a lot of the stories are written like movies (and are the proper length of a movie, unlike the novels that I usually have to turn into a cable miniseries or short-run TV show), my reading process is made much easier.

I think that without the pressure of trying to get a story turned into a movie, a lot of these writers have revamped their creative juices, because so many of these stores are the types of original ideas that I hope get turned into movies, instead of the refried crap that Hollywood has been churning out lately.

The most recent one, "DMT" by Leslie Bohem, is one of my favorites.  I might love this one, "The Lacerations" by Nick Antosca, slightly more, however.

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