Confederate Domination

I never noticed that this is what is stamped into the light posts along Canal St. I thought at first "why aren't they ashamed of this part of their history", but I realized that I'm not sure which is more disturbing - the way the South celebrates a history that it should be embarrassed about, or the way that the North pretends that there were never slaves suffering up there, too.


the teej. said...

I get really intensely frustrated not only with the prevalence of "Confederate pride," but also by the tacit acceptance of it. The North was perfect by no means, but Confederates were treasonists, and everyone seems scared to label them as such. Could you imagine a Timothy McVeigh Circle or a Benedict Arnold Parkway? Absolutely not. But Jeff Davis, Nathan Forrest and Robert E. Lee are honored over and over again. It boggles the mind, and I believe it should be illegal to name government buildings and public places after them.
P.S. Your blog is great. I lurk a lot. :)

Denise said...

You're right, they were treasonists, and the street names are another thing that annoy me. And thanks! I often lurk on your blog, too.