Campus Rape Victims: A Struggle For Justice : NPR

"When a woman is sexually assaulted on a college campus, her most common reaction is to keep it quiet."
I could write a million words on this topic. It's sad that I feel like it's pure luck that I've never been raped. Studies have shown, that many campus rapists are repeat offenders - serial rapists, predators who hunt down girls who are incapacitated. It's ridiculous when people act as though it was a simple mistake or misunderstanding. And I don't understand why colleges are allowed to deal with sexual assault claims internally at all. It's a crime, it should be a police matter (not that they always do a stand up job, either). I can't deal with a crime that happens in my house internally once the police get wind of it, so why are schools, some of which are public, allowed to do so with seemingly no fear about whether they will be held responsible for covering up a crime and endangering more students? It boggles my mind that people deny that we live in a rape culture when a guy can be internally tried at his college and found guilty of (or admit to) forcing sex on a woman and still get to continue matriculating at the same school as her, instead of going to prison.

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