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I had to share this conversation, from Shadow and Act:

Inferiority complex?

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This is exactly why most of the films that I have seen and have yet to see (my Netflix Queue stays at 500!) are by white directors, producers, writers, etc. There is so much more variety. I'm sure that the blame doesn't just fall on Black directors, though. I'm sure at the beginning of their careers, they wanted to think outside of the Black Box and do more than romantic comedies and thug movies starring rappers who can't act, but big studios weren't willing to fund them. But that doesn't excuse selling out and giving up that dream of being a quality filmmaker. What about pooling resources with other Blacks in the entertainment industry to start an independent company? I think that Black audiences have proven that they will support Black stars no matter what they do (*cough* R. Kelly *cough*) because we are so desperate to see people who look like us be successful. If we create quality movies and television that tell stories from a Black perspective, not just Black audiences will come, but anyone who enjoys period pieces, or slasher films, or legal thrillers, or westerns, or science ficion, etc. will pay to see it.

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