TV Catchup: Netflixing My Way Through Rescue Me, True Blood, and Battlestar Galactica

I recently decided to work my way through all three of these series' at the same time, to add a little variety and encourage myself to return the DVDs every few days instead of once a week.

I started watching Rescue Me a few months ago, and am currently on the 4th season. It's getting a little soapy, not that I don't like soaps (I love Y&R), but it didn't really start that way. I've gone from liking and sympathizing with Janet, Tommy's on again off again wife, to disliking her to the level of Julia on Nip/Tuck, another fun, soapy, debaucherous F/X show. New episodes of Rescue Me are airing now, but for some reason I haven't watched TV in almost a month, and so have missed more than four episodes and will have to Netflix this season when it comes out on DVD.

I just started watching Battlestar Galactica 10 days ago, and just finished disc 3 of season 1. I can already see why this show had so many fans. Starbuck is the shit. I want every dress that that cylon chick has worn so far, except for that awful see through set from the premiere. I'm curious to see where all of this God stuff is leading with the cylons. I like that the president is now a woman who was 42nd in line because the rest of the cabinet was killed. I hate to love Guise, but I do. I've got 4.5 seasons to go, and I can't frakking wait to find out how it ends.

I've just started True Blood after hearing so much about it online and from friends. I've heard a few people say that they started watching the first couple of episodes, and couldn't get into it. I can see why after watching them, but I've been told that it gets much better (and I've seen two episodes from the second season), so I'm sticking with it. Pilots are rough. There was definitely some overacting going on, and more character development than plot development, but I like the strange new world that was set-up and I really felt the connection between Bill and Sookie and for some reason found myself wishing that they would just have sex already. From what I've heard, they do. Often. Graphically. So if nothing else, I have more sex to look forward to.

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